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Thai Body to Body Massage

Thai Massage

Such a wonderful country like Thailand is famous not only chic seascapes and identity of the people. There exists also a specific type of massage, which is a terrific way affects the human body and all its tissues and cells.

The history of the formation of this type of traditional medicine is very long and goes back centuries. A huge role in the origin of this method is played it is China and India. There is a legend that its appearance is obliged to Thai massage, Chinese doctors, bore the name Shivaka.

As mentioned in the same legend, Shivaka invented this technique of kneading the body when treating of the King from a severe illness. It happened, as they say the ancient sources, more than 2,000 years ago. If we consider a comprehensive approach to the treatment of many difficult to treat disease, the Thai massage technique very effective.

Of course, it is best to do this kind of massage Thais, but if money problems do not allow to visit this place, it does not matter. Now, in many salons practiced precisely this kind of massage art. The purpose of Thai massage is beneficial effects of specific points of the human body, by clicking on that, you can feel the burst of energy or improve the condition of a system or a separate body. If a person receives a Thai massage, self massage therapist influences the energy channels that are located directly inside. All these channels, there are about 10 pieces.

Each point is responsible for a specific organ or system

On the basis of this statement, we can see that, if properly manage these or other points can be changed for the better health.

- How many people are accustomed to thinking of massage is stretching the tendons and muscles of the procedure, which keeps the human body and are responsible for the coordination of movements.

- The second, equally important mission of massage is considered to be the normalization of the inflow and outflow of blood to all vital tissues.

In Thailand, massage understand differently.

For the people of this country massage is something more subtle and weightless. All due to the fact that the expert has to spend very large manipulation of the human energy field. In a sense, it can even be called a kind of ritual aimed at improvement of the soul and the body come. Still, this type of massage is most often accompanied by breathing exercises and listening to relaxing music. As for the price of such pleasure, it depends on the country which was visited by people. This takes into account the status and salon, and qualification of the masseur. One of the most popular in Thailand, Thai massage parlors is considered to be one that is within the monastery and is known as Wat Pho. But even there, contrary to general expectation, you can not always get what were initial hopes. The fact that all the massages in a place designed to show travelers, not fake art, as we know, all see is prohibited.

Many people who have visited this beautiful country, it is recommended to explore the technique of this massage prefer small private salons. Also, these services are provided by many well-known hotels in the tourist area. Most often, these hotels can be found in Bangkok and Pattaya. Differences Thai massage from the other varieties such: it involves thumbs, feet, forearms and elbows of the masseur. In its implementation the person should be relaxed as much as possible to effect the process has come as quickly as possible, and has been the most noticeable. Also, it is worth noting that the Thai massage techniques in only two. Pressing and twisting.

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