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8 Reasons to Massage

A US study recently found that a post-workout sports massage regenerates deep muscle, reduces muscle cramps and increases body activity in just 10 minutes. Today, more and more studies suggest that health massage is more effective than you ever thought, and has many physical and psychological benefits.

Relieves tension

If you are having a rough day and are having trouble falling asleep, a relaxation treatment can help you get rid of the constant stress of modern living. Refreshing and energizing massage relieves anxiety, depression, relieves tension and stimulates the physiological processes of the body. If you do not relax enough, stress hormones called cortisol are released in your body, but according to some studies, regular body massage reduces its presence and stimulates the production of endorphins and serotonins.

Reduces muscle pain

In today's world, many are struggling with low back and back pain, the most important of which is the sedentary lifestyle. Therapeutic massage is excellent for treating various musculoskeletal problems and relieves pain due to poor posture. It also has the added benefit of relaxing muscle stiffness, increasing muscle flexibility and helping prevent sports injuries. According to researchers, massage therapy has almost the same benefits as: medication, acupuncture, yoga or active physical activity.

It improves the quality of sleep

There are many factors behind the sleep disorder: organic diseases, mental problems, persistent stress and poor sleep patterns. Brain waves have a great impact on our health, well-being and thinking. The state of deep sleep is the most important part of the body's regeneration process, during which time we are rested and energized. Scientific experiments have shown that sound massage harmonizes both hemispheres and that the vibrations produced by the sound dishes restore the body's energy state. Relaxation and stress-relieving sound therapy can be an effective way to cure sleep problems, among other things.

It strengthens the immune system

According to a 2010 study, regular massage not only restores mental balance, but also greatly enhances the functioning of the immune system. A 45-minute healing massage on the physical plane enhances lymphatic function and the entry of white blood cells into the bloodstream, which protect the body from infections. The treatment also reduces the number of cytokines that cause chronic inflammation, has a beneficial effect on the hormone system and stimulates the vegetative nervous system.

It relieves menstrual pain

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) saddens the lives of many women. Symptoms usually occur within 7 to 10 days prior to the monthly bleeding, and the person suffers from both physical and emotional levels. If you are looking for a really effective way to relieve your pain, try Shiatsu, a combination of massage and acupressure. The treatment is done by pressing on the acupuncture points of the body and helps to harmonize the energy of life. At the same time, the fingerprinting technique not only relieves menstrual cramps, but also calms the nervous system, has a good effect on blood and lymphatic circulation and balances the whole body.

Increases mental potential

If you want to maintain and improve your brain skills, it's time to try an office massage that provides physical and mental recovery. According to a Dutch study, adults who received a 15-minute massage during the day were much more alert, and they also answered quicker, more accurate math questions. Positive effects of regular office massage include relaxing muscled muscles, reducing stress-related complaints, increasing performance, and concentration.

Eliminates headaches

Just like muscle and back pain, massage can treat migraine headaches well. Intense headaches can be triggered by many things: insomnia, stress, malnutrition, hormonal disturbances and changes in the weather. A 2009 study found that even a 30-minute massage can greatly reduce pain and tension headaches. Swedish massage regenerates the whole body by massaging the muscles, increasing lymphatic flow, lowering blood pressure and stimulating the functioning of the vegetative nervous system.

It beautifies the skin

You do not need to have expensive baths to nourish, protect and moisturize your skin. Regularly applying head massage will not only make your hair richer and healthier, it will also give your face a youthful appearance. Head massaging stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, improves cellular metabolism, thereby detoxifying and reducing daily fatigue and stress. You can enjoy the benefits of scalp massage at home: massage your scalp for at least 10 minutes, or gently rub with a brush to help regenerate active ingredients.

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